Svantex AB

Svantex AB is a family-owned company, located in Borås, the heart of Swedish textile industry. In 2007, Hans Svantesson, laid the foundation, for what today is Svantex. After many years in the textile business, with gathered knowledge and a wide network, he decided to start a company of his own.

Today, more than a decade later, we are a thriving company, producing a wide range of products. We make jersey styles as well as denim and are constantly trying to broaden our portfolio with new qualities and product groups.

Our Svantex office is still housed in Borås, Sweden, but we also have an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a partner in Istanbul, Turkey and a handful of selected manufacturers in China. Due to this we have the great opportunity to control production one step further.

As a company we are constantly striving for happy clients and our main goal is to provide a great customer experience whatever project we take on. With our teams gathered knowledge, we want to offer high quality and safety throughout the entire process of product developing, from vision to finished product

Svantex Asia

Svantex Asia Ltd is our sister company, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The office opened up in 2007 and are specialized in sourcing, production and distribution of high-quality garments.

We are working together with some skilled and experienced factories, here in Bangladesh, some of which are green certified, which means they are using part renewable energy. All factories are consciously chosen for their great quality and high standard.

We produce a wide range of products for different markets and needs, here you can find everything from sportswear and outdoor to fashion and accessories.

We are strongly focused on sustainability in all aspects, including, social compliance and ethical production practices. We work closely with our suppliers to assure that our products are made in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
Always with a strong commitment to customer service and urge to provide our clients with the best possible experience.

Our Achievements